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  1. The proposal to extend the Purple Line has been described colloquially as the Subway to the Sea.
  2. Measure R included funding for the portion of the " Subway to the Sea " between Wilshire / Western and Westwood / VA Hospital; a project known as the Westside Subway Extension.
  3. Proponents have dubbed the project the " Subway to the Sea . " Villaraigosa worked to persuade Congressman Henry Waxman to repeal the ban on subway tunneling in Los Angeles, which occurred in 2006.
  4. In 2005, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa made as one of his most publicized campaign promises a pledge to set the wheels in motion for eventual construction of the " Subway to the Sea " as he called it.
  5. Due to a 1998 proposition, Metro also cannot spend the sales tax revenue from previously passed propositions, but can use revenue from subsequent tax increase propositions such as Measure R funds ( conversion of Orange Line to rail is not included in any Measure R projects, but does include the " subway to the sea " along Wilshire Boulevard and other subway proposals ) and other sources of revenue on subways.


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