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  1. Q : What ever became of Bernhard Goetz, the so-called " subway vigilante " in New York?
  2. Neighbors say things like " He was never a Nazi to me, " and there is even a joke about New York subway vigilante Bernard Goetz.
  3. "We're small group persuasion experts, " said Varinsky, who worked for the defense in cases ranging from subway vigilante Bernhard Goetz to suicide-doctor Jack Kevorkian.
  4. Stotler and his son, Christoper, noticed the man's car had New York plates and asked him if he had heard about the subway vigilante shootings that had just taken place in New York.
  5. Although Goetz, dubbed the " Subway Vigilante " by New York City's press, came to symbolize New Yorkers'frustrations with the high crime rates of the 1980s, he was both praised and vilified in the media and public opinion.


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