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  1. Once all " N "-bromosuccinimide ( which is denser than the solvent ) has been converted to succinimide ( which floats on top ) the reaction has finished.
  2. Alternative routes include the partial hydrogenation of succinimide and the carbonylation of allylamine with methyl amine . 2-Pyrrolidone is an intermediate in the production of vinylpyrrolidone and the drug piracetam.
  3. The C-terminal residue of the intein domain is always an asparagine, which cyclizes to form a succinimide, cleaving its own peptide bond and releasing the intein from the extein.
  4. :the dienophile in the similar compound is maleic anhydride, which leads to a succinic anhydride derivative . the dienophile in your DA reaction is methyl maleimide, which leads to a succinimide derivative.
  5. The deamidation of a glutamine residue may proceed via the same mechanism but at a much slower rate since formation of the six-member-ring glutarimide intermediate is less favoured than the succinimide intermediate for asparagine.


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