support lifeの例文


  1. that control whether a planet can support life .
    恒星からの距離以外にも 多くの要素があります
  2. to have the existence of liquid water and maybe could potentially support life .
  3. utensils used for drinking sake that support life in japan carefully in detail
  4. but the questioned remained ... will this planet meet the extremely complex and unlikely combination of parameters to support life as we know it ?
    懐疑的な考えもあります。 人類生存に複雑な条件を 満たす事ができるでしょうか?
  5. i don't know if you heard the news , but the scientists say ... they just discovered another planet super close to us ... with the conditions that could support life ?
    科学者なんて ニュースなんて知るかよ! 奴らすぐそばに惑星を 大発見... 同じ生活してるのかな?


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