support loadingの例文


  1. PostgreSQL's command line utility, psql, also supports loading data from named pipes.
  2. Space saving compiler options were used throughout, the kernel was patched to support loading an image compressed with Bzip2, and in many cases older or alternate versions of programs were selected due to their smaller size.
  3. Whereas Windows XP only supported loading drivers from floppy disks while the setup environment is initially loading, Windows Vista additionally supports loading drivers from USB and Firewire storage devices, and from CDs and DVDs from within the main setup wizard.
  4. BASIC 7.0 includes DLOAD and DSAVE commands to support loading and saving to disk without using the, 8 or other device number, and also a DIRECTORY command that reads a disk's catalog information directly to screen memory without overwriting BASIC memory as in BASIC 2.0.


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