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  1. Commercial synthesis of syndiotactic polypropylene is carried out with the use of a special class of metallocene catalysts.
  2. Different metal chlorides allowed the selective production of each form i . e ., syndiotactic, isotactic and atactic polymer chains could be selectively created.
  3. If a special catalyst is used in its synthesis it is possible to obtain the syndiotactic version of this polymer, but most industrial polystyrene produced is atactic.
  4. The result is that, whereas syndiotactic PS is a semicrystalline material, the more common atactic version cannot crystallize and forms a " glass " instead.
  5. A variety of catalysts can polymerise lactide to either heterotactic or syndiotactic polylactide, which as biodegradable polyesters with valuable ( inter alia ) medical properties are currently attracting much attention.


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