t regulatory cellの例文


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  1. Induced T regulatory cells ( iTreg ), stimulated by TGF-? in the presence of IL-10 mediated response.
  2. IL-10 produced by T regulatory cells was important in suppressing the mouse thyroglobulin specific T cell response and therefore protecting against Experimental autoimmune thyroiditis in mice.
  3. Although it is reversible upon T regulatory cell disengagement, this sequestration of essential cytoskeletal components causes a lethargic state of dendritic cells, leading to reduced T cell priming.
  4. The lectures cover immunological theory, transplantation, pregnancy, tumors, autoimmunity, T regulatory cells, tissue-control of immunological class, allergy, parasites and the nature of danger signals.
  5. Additionally, in collaboration with Genentech, Tolerx is developing a modified version of TRX1, a humanized monoclonal antibody that binds to the CD4 receptor found on both T effector and T regulatory cells.


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