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  1. Immortalized by 19th-century American writer Washington Irving in " Tales of the Alhambra, " this Moorish enclave dates to around 1240.
  2. Enchanted, he lived in the ruins for four months and absorbed the stories and histories that became his " Tales of the Alhambra ."
  3. Alexander Pushkin's 1834 tale in verse " The Tale of the Golden Cockerel " is based on two chapters of " Tales of the Alhambra ".
  4. With Van Buren in place, Irving resigned his post to concentrate on writing, eventually completing " Tales of the Alhambra ", which would be published concurrently in the United States and England in 1832.
  5. Animated films by Spanish director Juan Bautista Berasategui such as " Ahmed, El Principe De La Alhambra " and " El Embrujo Del Sur " are based on stories in Washington Irving's " Tales Of The Alhambra ".


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