tales of the black widowersの例文


  1. ""'Tales of the Black Widowers " "'is a collection of Doubleday in June 1974, and in paperback by the Fawcett Crest imprint of Ballantine Books in August 1976.
  2. He was a prominent member of the Baker Street Irregulars, the leading Sherlock Holmes society, He later used his essay on Moriarty's work as the basis for a Black Widowers story, " The Ultimate Crime ", which appeared in " More Tales of the Black Widowers ".
  3. Asimov was so pleased with the result that he decided that his ideas deserved a wider audience, and so as soon as he finished writing the article he expanded it into a Black Widowers mystery story, " The Ultimate Crime, " for publication in " More Tales of the Black Widowers ".


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