talktalk businessの例文


  1. Other products and services promoted by TalkTalk Business include business phone lines, Ethernet in the First Mile ( EFM ), cloud hosting, IPVPN, Unified Communications ( UC ) and VOIP.
  2. "' TalkTalk Business "'( trading name of "'TalkTalk Communications Ltd "') is a business broadband, telephone, mobile phone and IT support provider owned by TalkTalk Group.
  3. Originally just a provider of fixed line telephony services to consumers, TalkTalk now offers fixed and mobile telephony and broadband services to consumers under the TalkTalk brand, and telephony and broadband services to business customers under the TalkTalk Business brand.
  4. In a " Sunday Times " interview, TalkTalk chairman Charles Dunstone admitted that Carphone's TalkTalk business was " struggling to cope " with the more than 400, 000 customers who signed up for high-speed Internet access in the time since the service launched.
  5. In January 2014, Naomi signed a global publishing and sync deal with London and LA based A & GSync and A & G Songs Ltd and this led to Naomi's song'Start Again'being used by TalkTalk Business for their UK online, television and radio advertising campaign.


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