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  1. kijoshu sake was subsequently developed by the national tax agency , and the national research institute of brewing holds the patent for its manufacture .
  2. arbitrary items to be denoted , provided for in the standards for manufacturing methods and quality indication for sake for the national tax agency , are as follows:
  3. the ' standard for seishu production process quality indications ' is defined in the following way by japanese national tax agency notification 8 , of november 22 , 1989 .
    平成元年(1989年)11月22日 国税庁告示第8号「清酒の製法品質表示基準を定める件」により以下のとおり定められている。
  4. with respect to the former , specific names and several items to be described as well as arbitrary items to be denoted and items which are prohibited from being denoted specified by the national tax agency .
  5. because of that , the national tax agency maintains its statistics not with data of shipping and production volumes , but only with those shipped with tax , that is to say , taxable shipping volumes .


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