tax amount payableの例文


  1. Tax amount payable
  2. Nevertheless , the amount so deducted may not exceed the tax amount payable for the taxpayer ' s incomes from abroad as calculated according to the provisions of this law
  3. Article 7 for a taxpayer who has obtained incomes outside the territory of china , the amount of individual income tax already paid outside china by him may be deducted from the tax amount payable
  4. As vat invoice is the only lawful receipt for recording the tax amount payable of drawer and tax amount withholding of drawee , the crimes of falsely making out specialized vat receipts run wild for a while , which seriously damages the tax collection orders
  5. Article 12 the income tax already paid abroad by an enterprise with foreign investment for its income originating outside china may , in filing its consolidated income tax return , be deducted from its total tax amount payable , however , the amount deducted may not exceed the tax amount payable calculated in accordance with the provisions of this law for its income abroad


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