tax amountの例文


  1. according this theory , the enforcement of handen was intended to determine the land tax amount and it was a system reform focused on the coming taxation of land .
  2. following this edict , hereditary stipends were converted into money amount (the original amount of kinroku [stipend in cash ]) according to a tax amount of each prefecture in 1875 .
  3. this policy was accepted by most of the people , but some people disagreed with a usage of tax money , and some complained about a flat tax amount which ignored regional disparities , and some were afraid of social disruption caused by warriors who failed in getting a job .
  4. the furegaki (bakufu orders ) issued in april 1728 said that the duration of the fixed tax rate was 5 years , 7 years , 10 years and 15 years , but the period of duration could be extended by application and the fixed tax rate continued in addition to the prior tax amount (it was called tsuginenki ).
  5. he had the collected tax amount of gold and silver reported directly by the daikan (the bakufu officer sent tot the domain ), and made the amount up to the units of kan and mon (kan and mon: each a monetary unit at that time ) stored in a warehouse , and made female servants gather to count the remaining amount corresponding to monme and bu (monme and bu: each a monetary unit at that time ) for private use .


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