tent boxingの例文


  1. Kelly has had a multitude of albums and reconciliation, and tent boxing.
  2. Among the more famous of tent boxing troupes, are the ones created by Roy Bell and Jimmy Sharman.
  3. It was released in May 1992, and reached No . 29 . One track, " Rally Around the Drum ", written with Archie Roach, was about an indigenous tent boxing man.
  4. Fred Brophy insists he will continue travelling with his tent boxing troupe, until he dies, even though the sport was banned in New South Wales, Victoria, West Australia and South Australia in 1971 by the government, due to health concerns.
  5. In 1984 Kelly met Connolly when the latter was a member of The Cuban Heels, the pair would jam together, and were sometimes joined by Connolly's friend Barclay . " Hard Times " was written and had lead vocals by Connolly . " Other People's Houses " describes a female house cleaner who takes along her son who observes the residents'opulence . " Special Treatment " deals with neglect of Indigenous Australians amid claims " by a Western Australian pastoralist that Aborigines receive better treatment than other Australians " . " Rally Around the Drum ", was written by Kelly with Archie Roach, and was about an indigenous tent boxing man . " Pastures of Plenty " is a cover of a Woody Guthrie folk song.


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