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  1. Maybe tent circuses are not heading for the elephant graveyard after all,
  2. And because market research showed that ticket holders at artsy tent circuses are dismayed by the porta-potty experience, Ringling has designed two sleek bathroom trailers that will be staffed with attendants.
  3. If you think the Moussaoui trial is going to be a circus, if you put Charles Freeman in the middle of it, then you are going to have a real big tent circus,
  4. Rather than hanging up his tools, Brinley over the last 36 years carved and painted an even bigger circus, capturing the entire scene of an early 20th-century Barnum & amp; Bailey tent circus.
  5. "My first wife, " he explained, " worked elephants, and her dad trained elephants for 45 years for Carson and Barnes, " a rival tent circus among a vanishing breed.


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