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  1. At a carnival, Hobbs is challenged to strike out " The Whammer ", the top hitter in the Majors.
  2. In a scene, the Whammer takes three swings at pitches from the young Roy Hobbs to try to impress a mysterious woman they have met on a train.
  3. He was " The Whammer, " a baseball player modeled after Babe Ruth, in the 1984 baseball drama " The Natural " that starred Robert Redford.
  4. Each pitch produces a passage full of lyrical beauty, earthy humor and premonitions of doom, the final one ending with the strenuous failure of the Whammer to hit the spinning sphere:
  5. They encounter Walter ( the Whammer ) Wambold, a famous slugger, along with a sportswriter named Max Mercy, and the meeting leads to a bet that Roy can strike the Whammer out.


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