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  1. "' The Whatnauts "'were an American The Moments for the hit single " Girls " in 1974.
  2. It was written by sample from American soul group The Whatnauts'song " Genuine ", penned by Jerry Harris, and Venus Dodson.
  3. It samples De La Soul's hit single, " Ring Ring Ring ( Ha Ha Hey ) " which contains portions of The Whatnauts's " Help Is On the Way ".
  4. The group's first single, " You Send Me " became their best-selling single, peaking at number 23 at " the Moments, the Whatnauts, Linda Jones and Lonnie Youngblood.
  5. Ray and Goodman were strongly involved in writing and producing much of the Moments'material from the mid-1970s, as well as producing and writing for The Whatnauts and All-Platinum's other artists.


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