there are no flies onの例文


  1. "WestJet is tightly run, well managed, there are no flies on those guys, " said Harry Gow, a board member of the Canadian Association of Airline Passengers, a consumer group.
  2. Thirkell swings with the times _ there are no flies on her, as her Mr . Wickham would say _ apologizing all the while for the locutions she's forced to adopt, like " the Barchester premiere ( as these things are called ) of ` Mayflower Madness . "'
  3. The host committee's site contains excerpts from past Chicago platforms and recordings of songs from the city's convention history, including such favorites as " Ulysses Is His Name " ( 1868 ), " There Are No Flies on Harrison " ( 1888 ) and " We're Madly for Adlai " ( 1952 ).
  4. There are no flies on Steven Spielberg these days : After opening " Minority Report " this summer, he's back for the December holidays with the true story of Frank W . Abagnale ( played by Leonardo DiCaprio ), a young man who successfully assumed a series of false identities _ a doctor, a pilot, an assistant attorney general _ in the 1960s.


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