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  1. Titans linebacker Eddie Robinson almost sounded like he felt sorry for the Jaguars _ three time losers this year who beat everyone else they played.
  2. It reached # 12 on the Top Country Albums chart . " You Still Move Me ", " I Will Be There ", and " Three Time Loser " were all number one singles.
  3. The album is almost entirely made up of cover songs, including such obscurities as the Wilson Pickett B-side " Three Time Loser ", along with better-known tunes like the George Jones classic " The Race Is On ".
  4. The first B-Side was " She Won't Dance With Me ", which is off his 1980 album Foolish Behaviour while the second B-Side, " Three Time Loser ", is off his 1975 album Atlantic Crossing.
  5. One of Udo's henchmen draws a pistol and prepares to shoot Nick at point-blank range, but Nick provokes Udo into shooting him, knowing that he will now be incarcerated for life as a " three time loser . " Udo shoots Nick, but is quickly surrounded by police.


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