time modulationの例文


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  1. NRL developed a telemetry system using a 23-channel pulse-time modulation.
  2. Real time modulation sources include Pitch wheel, Modulation wheel, Ribbon controller, Keyboard velocity and Aftertouch.
  3. Despite being told to read the words in an emotionless monotone, Rain nevertheless crafted minute timing modulations, pitch shifts and amplitude changes into the words as he said them.
  4. The name F-I-Z-M-O was mapped across 5 real-time control knobs just above the keyboard keys, allowing real-time modulation of the waves for more user controlled evolving sounds than a usual synthesizer could provide, as well as also having 17 dedicated Sound and Effect editing knobs for further sound design and editing.
  5. Although chirp signals have been known for many years in radar, pulse compression, and the like, the first published reference to the " chirplet transform " described specific signal representations based on families of functions related to one another by time varying frequency modulation or frequency varying time modulation, in addition to time and frequency shifting, and scale changes.


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