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  1. Under the direction of Tina Sloan-Green, and beginning in 1975, the Temple lacrosse program captured three national championships and has had individuals earn 43 All-American certificates.
  2. Other award winners : golfers Sandra Haynie and Betty Jameson; marathon runner Joan Benoit Samuelson; former Temple lacrosse coach Tina Sloan Green; Olympic track star Gail Devers; and Deborah Slaner Larkin, former executive director of the foundation.
  3. -- Tina Sloan Green, 55, one of the top coaches in the history of women's lacrosse and cofounder of the Black Women in Sport Foundation, in addition to teaching field hockey and lacrosse to inner-city Philadelphia children.
  4. Along with Chappell and Leccia, other ex " Guiding Light " stars Jordan Clarke, Tina Sloan and Gina Tognoni joined the cast of " Venice " . " Venice " aired its first episode December 4, 2009.
  5. Tina Sloan-McPherson, a longtime television actress and former marathon runner who now walks several times weekly in Manhattan's Central Park, says, " When I walk with friends in the morning, I have great conversations, which I didn't have when I was running.


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