tomu sioneの例文


  1. Tomu Sione was appointed as Speaker of the parliament.
  2. Tomu Sione was re-elected to represent Niutao and Taui Finikaso was re-elected to represent Vaitupu.
  3. Following independence Tomu Sione was elected to represent the constituency of Niutao in the Parliament of Tuvalu in the elections held on 27 August 1977.
  4. Tuvalu's ambassador to Fiji, Enele Sapoaga, confirmed Thursday that the vote, which took place the day before, was 7-4 against Paeniu, with speaker Tomu Sione abstaining.
  5. The 2015 election was strongly contested with 6 candidates including the two incumbent MPs ( Vete Sakaio and Fauoa Maani ) and three former MPs ( Sir Tomu Sione, Tavau Teii and Teo ).


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