ton forceの例文


  1. I became very impressed with the very fine level of control they had even as they dealt with many-ton forces.
  2. Last year's poor grain harvest of 48 million tons forced the government to ask for food aid from the United States and the European Union.
  3. In 2012 ARCA decided to focus on the construction of the rocket engine of IAR-111 aircraft . The engine, named Executor is made of composite materials, has a thrust of 24 tons force ( 52, 000 lbf ) and is turbopump fueled.
  4. She reaches out and runs her fingers along the wall of water that's enveloping her _ a 60-ton force that could coming crashing down at any moment, thrusting her underwater toward the rocky reef, or window-shading her so she can't come up for air.


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