torsional bucklingの例文


  1. Thin-walled beams are ultimately limited by local buckling and lateral-torsional buckling.
  2. Therefore, beams should also be checked for local buckling, local crippling, and global lateral torsional buckling modes of failure.
  3. A column with a cross section that lacks symmetry may suffer torsional buckling ( sudden twisting ) before, or in combination with, lateral buckling.
  4. Other forms of buckling include lateral torsional buckling, where the compression flange of a beam in bending will buckle, and buckling of plate elements in plate girders due to compression in the plane of the plate.
  5. Noggings between vertical studs generally brace the studs against buckling under load; noggings on floor joists prevent the joists from twisting or rotating under load ( lateral-torsional buckling ), and are often fixed at intervals, in pairs diagonally for that reason.


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