training course forの例文


  1. The training course for silk reeling was created , but was not actually opened .
  2. A training course for engineers (department of machinery , one year night course ) was instituted as another course .
    別科として工業技術員養成科 (機械科、1年制夜間課程) を設置。
  3. March , 1941: the training course for mechanical engineers was reorganized into the night graduate course (department of machines , three year course ).
    1941年3月: 機械技術員養成科を夜間専攻科 (機械科、3年制) に改組。
  4. In 1902: the training course for sericulture was created . (the course term was changed: the regular course term was two years/the special course term was six months )
    1902年: 養蚕講習科設置 (本科2年?別科6ヶ月に変更)。
  5. During the early heian period , myogyodo separated into the two schools called " sanraigaku " and " sandengaku " and debates took place between them; the arguments stagnated after the middle of the heian period , however , once myogyodo itself came to have the characteristics of a training course for becoming a professional on confucianism .


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