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  1. After a model is obtained using the data collected, conditional probability is formed for each target contained in the training database.
  2. At the direction of TRADOC, the AGS developed a concept and road ahead to incorporate gaming with the development of a brigade level HR training database.
  3. These sessions are published on the Comenius training database ( reference numbers : FR-2010-314-003, FR-2011-359-006, FR-2013-408-003 ).
  4. This was done by using cheminformatic tools to train transition probabilities of a Markov chain on authentic classes of compounds, and then using the Markov chain to generate novel compounds that were similar to the training database.
  5. In addition, Marcelo has teamed up with child chess prodigy Josh Waitzkin to create MGinAction, an online training database that includes recorded instruction from Marcelo's classes in addition to Marcelo's daily sparring sessions.


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