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  1. The new training design has been under implementation in Chittagong since July 1992 and in Khulna from year 1993-1994.
  2. BSDS electricity costs no official training design has become getting used through a number of NGOs involved within training field plan within Bangladesh.
  3. "' Adobe Technical Communication Suite "'is a collection of applications made by Adobe Systems for technical communicators, help authors, instructional designers, and eLearning and training design professionals.
  4. It became, over the coming decades, the norm for training design, selection and promotion practices, career development and even higher education in developing people for such jobs.
  5. In turn, Scottsdale agreed to provide on-site supervision, tools and materials, training or training design, authorization, fee reservations, direction and materials, reporting forms and permit formats, and use of the City s facilities.


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