training directiveの例文


  1. A month after the 506th started flying, the USAAF produced document 50 100, which was the training directive for Very Long Range operations.
  2. In 1942 the four continental air forces provided training directives to familiarize key members of cadre with their obligations but these varied from air force to air force.
  3. According to a training directive issued in 1984, provincial and local forces were ordered to stress unit training and to vary these instructions with actual combat patrols and operations.
  4. Toward the end of the war, some duplication of effort within each air force was eliminated by restricting to the air force headquarters the issuance of training directives and by limiting the functions of intermediate commands to supervision and inspection.
  5. In essence, groups " self-trained " to proficiency standards set by training directives from the GHQAF . Unable to keep pace with the revised programs for expansion of combat groups, unit tactical training for all groups suffered from a shortage of equipment ( particularly combat aircraft ), an unavoidable preoccupation with administrative details during organization, and a lack of training facilities, especially bombing and gunnery ranges, leaving a " vast gap between the desired status of training in combat units and their actual status immediately prior to . . . Pearl Harbor ."


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