transfer certificate of titleの例文


  1. Without proof of estate tax payment, the Register of Deeds will not allow the transfer / change in the registered name of an existing Transfer Certificate of Title.
  2. The two parcels of land were covered, according to the first Deed of Absolute Sale which pegged their value at P104 million and executed by Abelardo C . Miranda Jr as Attorney-in-Fact, by Transfer Certificate of Title 439720-R and TCT 439721-R.
  3. She also pointed out that the lot of the proposed Greenhills Tower, covered by Transfer Certificate of Title ( TCT ) 7951, has annotated restrictions which limit the use of the land to purposes which are not against the residential character of Greenhills Subdivision.
  4. {{ quote | On March 18, 1943, plaintiffs sold to Uy Hoo, married to By Siat, and Siy Hong, a widow, all Chinese citizens two parcels of residential land situated in the City of Manila, Philippines, which were formerly described in Transfer Certificate of Title No . 63967, in the consideration of the sum of P13, 000 in Japanese war notes.


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