transversalis fasciaの例文


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  1. The peritoneum lies deep to the posterior layer of transversalis fascia and is very adherent to it.
  2. The separation of transversalis fascia and peritoneum contains loose fatty tissue allowing for the filling of the bladder.
  3. Medially, however, the peritoneum reflects on the roof of the bladder and runs sharply dorsally, away from the deep layer of transversalis fascia.
  4. Medial to the vessels the iliac fascia is attached to the pectineal line behind the conjoint tendon, where it is again continuous with the transversalis fascia.
  5. It ascends obliquely and laterally, posterior to the inguinal ligament, contained in a fibrous sheath formed by the junction of the transversalis fascia and iliac fascia.


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