1. This falling out with the cricketing establishment seems to have arisen from the trenchancy of some of Lillywhite's observations.
  2. Arthur M . Schlesinger, Jr . said his popularity was due to the public's " yearning for youth, irreverence, trenchancy, satire, [ and ] a clean break with the past ."
  3. "Hilarious and tuneful . . . rare to find a comedic musical in which the trenchancy of the social commentary is as engaging as the songs, " Les Spindle, " Frontiers L . A . Magazine"
  4. Robert Storey traces it with trenchancy : " A character of more simplicity than sense and of less decency than either, Gilles inherits the ignoble side of the " commedia "'s comic masks . " His inventiveness rarely exceeds the strategem of " Isabelle, Grosse par vertu " ( Isabelle, Knocked-up by Virtue ), in which he advises his mistress to enlarge her belly with a hidden tureen, thereby convincing the amorous Doctor that he has been beaten to the erotic prize.
  5. This assessment was shared by Carina Chocano of the " Los Angeles Times ", who felt that " once the movie wanders into its contemplation of mortality and meaning, the trenchancy kind of creaks and falls off . " She negatively compared it to " South Park : Bigger, Longer & Uncut " ( 1999 ), a film similarly adapted from an animated television series, saying that, in terms of satire, it offers " nothing we don't hear every night on " The Daily Show with Jon Stewart " . " Bruce Newman criticized the fleeting appearances of many of the show's secondary characters, and found the film to be " a disappointment ".


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