trust leasesの例文


  1. Derbyshire Wildlife Trust leases the area from Amber Valley Borough Council and now manages it as a nature reserve and is one of Derbyshire s most important wetland reserves.
  2. Modeled on the Balanchine Trust with the assistance of Barbara Horgan, its director, the Graham Trust leases dances to companies and schools throughout the world and, for $ 1 a year, to the Graham company itself.
  3. The Trust leases all of the uninhabited islands, islets and rocks and much of the untenanted land ( including almost all the coast ) on the inhabited islands from the Duchy of Cornwall for a rent of one daffodil per year.
  4. Then trust leases parts of the building to three separate businesses; the Dome Cinema, which has two screens and a Projectionist's Bar, Alfresco Services who have two function rooms and the cafe at the front of the building, and the Tourist Information Centre.
  5. Entertainment Properties Trust is a real estate investment trust that has a portfolio of movie megaplexes, many of them operated by AMC . In many of the deals, AMC sells the megaplex to Entertainment Properties Trust and the trust leases the theater back to AMC.


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