type 052 destroyerの例文


  1. Only a single set of ZKJ-4B was completed, and it was followed by "'ZKJ-4BII "', which is installed on board the 2nd Type 052 destroyer No . 113.
  2. After nearly two years of trials, most of the Italian system on board was removed for reverse engineering, and installation on later Type 052 destroyer, with " Jinan " ( 105 ) converted to Luda II with capability to carry two helicopters soon after.
  3. The Thomson-CSF R-440 Sea Crotale surface-to-air missile ( SAM ) and Thomson-CSF TSR 3004 Sea Tiger E / F-band radar were installed on the Peoples Liberation Army Navy ( PLAN ) Type 052 destroyer " Harbin " ( 112 ).
  4. ZKJ-5 is installed onboard Type 052 destroyers and Type 054A frigates, and as older ships of PLAN receive their upgrade, earlier CDS such as ZKJ-4 series have been replaced by ZKJ-5 CDS . ZKJ-5 CDS is able to receive orders from higher level on the chain of command, and coordinate the battle plan as whole, as well as providing the battle plan of the ship to the high level in the chain of command, which is essential in network centric warfare.


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