1. If you want to dress things up, rent skirting, which can be attached with clips around the edge of the table or with duct tape to an undercloth.
  2. The visor also has an undercloth of Kevlar which protects the neck and covers up any wires etc . It should also be noted that the visor conceals most of Alex Murphy's face, and is attached with screws.
  3. The only problem : with the cloth's openwork pattern, I need an undercloth, preferably pink ( we are talking about Easter, after all, when the pale green Depression-glass dishes make a rare public appearance ).
  4. There I found a pricey pink damask cloth called the St . Tropez ( which cost $ 145 for the rectangular size I needed ), but its pattern, described as " fanciful vines, birds and butterflies, " would not work as an undercloth.


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