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  1. Underclothed and fed, once she started working for Grice and Norfolk merchant Moses Myers, he had better food, shoes, and a coat.
  2. The rapid forced march 70 miles north was under miserable conditions, with freezing winds and sleet, which made progress difficult for the underfed and underclothed army.
  3. Then they raced up Fifth Avenue like a pack of underclothed bicycle messengers who, on the blocked-off streets, were spared the horror of car doors opening.
  4. And its fundamental value proposition, that if one stares long enough at the underclothed starlet, the remaining scraps of garment will fall away, seems anachronistic when dozens of Web sites are devoted to uncensored photographs of unclothed celebrities.
  5. Future episodes focus on Easy's treacherous winter holding its own in Bastogne, Belgium ( the Battle of the Bulge ), all the while outmanned, outgunned, undernourished and underclothed ( history seemed to follow Easy Company ), as well as numerous lesser but no less devastating battles.


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