universiade pavilionの例文


  1. The university also operates the Universiade Pavilion, a multi-sport facility constructed for the 1983 Summer Universiade.
  2. While the official name of the facility is the Universiade Pavilion, because of its rectangular shape and bright yellow exterior, locals quickly began referring to it as the Butterdome.
  3. Another new building, the distinctive Universiade Pavilion ( nicknamed the " Butterdome " ), was completed as part of the university's preparations to host the World University Games in 1983, the first time the event was held in North America.
  4. The Edmonton Energy formerly played their home games at the MacEwan Centre for Sport and Wellness at MacEwan University just north of Downtown Edmonton, but they now play at the " Butterdome " ( or Universiade Pavilion ), located at the University of Alberta in the Garneau area.


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