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  1. He was president of the Universidad Americana from 1994 to 2013.
  2. As the chief executive of Universidad Americana, Benk?represents the university nationally and abroad, while he continues to teach in the MBA program.
  3. CSLI signature academic programs taught in conjunction with Universidad Americana based in Managua help participants reflect on key concepts such as open society, adaptive leadership and the politics of non-violent action.
  4. From 2000 2004, Universidad Americana was listed among " The Best Latin American Universities " and named " The Best University in Paraguay " by the Latin American magazine " Am閞ica Econom韆 ".
  5. For foreign-language courses, students could practice vocabulary in virtual settings where the names of objects were labeled with text or linked to audio clips, said Chris Corsbie, a professor of English as a second language at Universidad Americana in Asuncion, Paraguay.


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