universidad anahuacの例文


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  1. He has taught different subjects in Economics at Universidad Anahuac and at Instituto Polit閏nico Nacional.
  2. In addition to UNAM and Universidad de las Americas, he was the dean of actuarial sciences at Universidad Anahuac.
  3. He is to receive an honorary doctorate on Wednesday from the Universidad Anahuac del Sur in Mexico City, the official Notimex news agency reported.
  4. Julen de Garritz Alcal?( born 1974 ) is a Mexican entrepreneur and marketing guru, CEO at MejorCompraTV and International Marketing teacher at Universidad Anahuac.
  5. Anahuac University was founded in 1964 by the priest P . Marcial Maciel LC, its first campus was the Universidad Anahuac Mexico Norte in Mexico City.


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