universidad de zaragozaの例文


  1. According to the Departamento de Bioquimica y Biologica Molecular y Celular, Universidad de Zaragoza, Haplogroup T can predispose to asthenozoospermia.
  2. In one of those expeditions, by a team from the Universidad de Zaragoza, yielded about 100 Roman potsherds, nine pieces of metal, and one piece of glass.
  3. His Neuroptera are in the Museu de Ciencias Naturals, Museum of Natural Sciences, Barcelona . His Lepidoptera collections are in Museo Paleontologico de la Universidad de Zaragoza, Zaragoza.
  4. Having completed the schooling at unspecified time he enrolled at Universidad de Zaragoza, commencing learning at the faculty of Filosof韆 y Letras, where he completed the curriculum and graduated in 1896.
  5. He commenced the career of a lawyer and an academic specialising in civil law at the faculty of law at the Universidad de Zaragoza, later to be also employed by the Universidad de Sevilla and the Universidad de la Laguna on the Canary Islands.


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