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  1. The Universidad del Cauca is a public higher education institution whose head office is in the city of Popayan, capital of Cauca, in Colombia's suroocidente.
  2. The "'Universidad del Cauca "'is a public institution of higher education located in the city of Popay醤, capital of the department of Masters and 5 Ph . D ..
  3. The Academic Vice is the agency responsible for coordinating the various processes of admission, registration, accreditation, selection and training of teachers, promotion of academic and outreach programs offered by the Universidad del Cauca.
  4. In 1997 the Supreme Council of the Universidad del Cauca official the presence of the Vice-Rector for Research in the organizational structure of the institution in order to consolidate and develop the Research within the University.
  5. Thinking of Republican and independent life in Colombia generated a large proportion of the Universidad del Cauca, so that the history of the independence of Colombia and its beginnings as an independent republic joins the university's history.


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