universidad del desarrolloの例文


  1. Lav韓 had invested in several firms that render services to Universidad del Desarrollo.
  2. He was Dean of the Economics and Business Faculty at the Universidad del Desarrollo.
  3. In 1999, the university went through an economic crisis, which forced its owners to sell and merge it with Universidad del Desarrollo.
  4. The Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Universidad del Desarrollo in Chile was recognized for high quality research on entrepreneurship and improving curricula and teaching methods.
  5. B點hi has also been Chair of the Board of Directors of the Chilean Mining company, an Advisor to the Board of Directors of Banco de Chile since 2008, with an annual compensation of 79, 900, 000 CLP ( 2014 USD 143, 000 ), and a Chairman of the Directive Council of Universidad del Desarrollo, and Adviser to the Instituto Libertad y Desarrollo.


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