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  1. The Universidad del Istmo has a philosophy of cooperation and actively seeks to work with other institutions for the common good of society.
  2. The Santa Isabel campus of the Universidad del Istmo opened in the summer of 2015 in the region of Fraijanes, on the outskirts of Guatemala City.
  3. Following the establishment of the university, degrees offered by IFES were officially granted by the Universidad del Istmo, ending a previous arrangement with the Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala.
  4. The Universidad del Istmo traces its roots to 1964 when its precursor institution, the Instituto Femenino de Estudios Superiores, opened its doors to women seeking to pursue academic study, diplomas and degrees.
  5. On September 29, 1997, in response to an official request from IFES and other supporters, Guatemala s Council of Private Higher Education authorized the creation and operation of the Universidad del Istmo.


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