universidad del marの例文


  1. Two of the largest institutions of this system are the Universidad Tecnol骻ica de la Mixteca ( UTM ) and the Universidad del Mar ( UMAR ).
  2. In Puerto Angel, the Universidad del Mar ( University of the Sea ) was founded in 1991 by Heladio Ramirez Lopez, governor of the state of Oaxaca.
  3. Additionally, important local branches from universities outside the region, such as Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Universidad Tecnologica del Peru, Universidad Los Angeles de Chimbote and Universidad del Mar ( Chile ) among others, are located in the city.
  4. Currently, the Oaxaca State University System is composed by eight Universities with fifteen campuses : Universidad Tecnol骻ica de la Mixteca ( Huajuapan de Le髇 ), Universidad del Mar ( Puerto Escondido, Puerto 羘gel and Huatulco ), Universidad del Istmo ( Tehuantepec, Ixtepec and Juchitan ), Universidad del Papalopan ( Tuxtepec and Loma Bonita ), Universidad de la Ca馻da ( Teotitl醤 de Flores Mag髇 ), Universidad de la Sierra Juarez ( Ixtl醤 ), Universidad de la Sierra Sur ( Miahuatlan ), and Nova University ( Ocotl醤 and San Jacinto ).


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