unm school of lawの例文


  1. She earned a law degree from the UNM School of Law in 1987.
  2. He has also taught at the National Institute for Trial Advocacy, and UNM School of Law as an Adjunct Instructor.
  3. Sommers, a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute criticized Scarnecchia and the UNM School of Law for  liberal bias after being invited to speak at UNM and hosted by Scarnecchia.
  4. She runs the Financial Literacy Program at, UNM School of Law, promoting financial literacy in New Mexico high schools, and teaches a two-day Financial Literacy Course for law students and undergraduates.
  5. The challenges faced and progress made by Scarnecchia in achieving this objective of promoting rigorous but respectful political debate at the UNM School of Law were highlighted by Christina Hoff Sommers in an October 2006 editorial in the " Albuquerque Journal ".


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