1. The existing units are the only commercial reactors currently in use in the USA that were engineered to operate on 100 % MOX fuel cores, however because nuclear fuel is not reprocessed in the USA they have always operated on fresh UOX fuel.
  2. Unlike the other five reactor units, reactor 3 ran on mixed core, containing both uranium fuel and mixed uranium and plutonium oxide, or MOX fuel ( with the core comprising ~ 6 % MOX fuel ), during a loss of cooling accident in a subcritical reactor MOX fuel will not behave differently from UOX fuel.
  3. In the contemporary poem " The Owl and the Nightingale ", for instance, the nightingale, arguing that its one ability ( to sing in summertime ) is worth more than all the skills of the owl, describes some of the fox's devices, the feints and devious courses it takes to outwit the dogs : " The fox can creep along the hedge and turn off from his earlier route, and shortly afterwards double back on it, then the hound is thrown off the scent " ( "  uox kan crope bi  heie an turne ut from his forme weie an eft sone kume rto nne is  hundes smel fordo " ).


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