1. if we leave this pander alone now , he will uprise again in the first opportunity .
    この愚か者を放っていけば、 機会をつかめばすぐにまた蜂起するだろう
  2. yoriyoshi provoked abe no yoritoki , which led to abe ' s uprise to the battle known as the zenkunen war (the early nine years ' war ) in 1056 .
  3. it was first documented in conjunction with ' hayato no ran (the uprise of the hayato clan )' that took place in 720 during the era of impress gensho in the nara period .
  4. he gave distinguished service in the battle of tenoji-temple , okayama in the osaka natsu no jin (summer siege of osaka ), and by stirring up the uprise of kishu province , he created a chaos for the former lord , asano clan .


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