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  1. The Belgian 4 ?400 m relay team, which besides Kevin included Antoine Gillet, C閐ric Van Branteghem and Nils Duerinck, reached the final.
  2. Together with C閐ric Van Branteghem and Kristof Beyens, they improved a 27-year-old national record by more than a second to 3 : 02.51s.
  3. Jonathan was spared in the heats, but won bronze together with K関in Borl閑, Arnaud Destatte and C閐ric Van Branteghem with a time of 3 : 02.60s.
  4. Daniel Caines, a Birmingham native, won the 400 meters in a season's best of 45.75 seconds, ahead of Belgian Cedric Van Branteghem in 46.18.
  5. On the 4 ?400 m relay, with teammates Jonathan Borl閑, C閐ric Van Branteghem and Arnaud Ghislain, they qualified for the final with a new national record of 3 : 00.67s.


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