vertical diplopiaの例文


  1. When they are removed the patient may experience vertical diplopia they find hard to resolve due to the rested state of their eyes.
  2. The inferior rectus muscle is the most commonly affected muscle and patient may experience vertical diplopia on upgaze and limitation of elevation of the eyes due to fibrosis of the muscle.
  3. Patients with cranial nerve IV palsy whose complaints are not specifically limited to torsional diplopia, but instead also have significant vertical diplopia, are not good candidates for a Harada Ito procedure.
  4. Congenital fourth nerve palsy can affect reading comprehension ( and concentration during other near tasks ) due to the increased vertical fusional demands and head tilting required to maintain single vision and prevent vertical diplopia.
  5. A generalized increase in intracranial pressure  hydrocephalus, pseudotumor cerebri, hemorrhage, edema  will affect the fourth nerve, but the abducens nerve ( VI ) is usually affected first ( producing "'horizontal diplopia "', not "'vertical diplopia "').


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