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  1. In doing so he appointed Victoire de Castellane to become the Dior Fine Jewelry Creator.
  2. Another jeweler who has gained style-icon status with the fashion elite is Victoire de Castellane.
  3. Victoire de Castellane lives in Paris with her husband Thomas Lenthal, the art director and founder of " Paradis " magazine.
  4. Also this year, Victoire de Castellane became lead designer of " Dior Fine Jewellery " and the first Dior Fine Jewellery boutique opened in New York City.
  5. In January and March 2014 " Animalvegetablemineral " the second personal exhibition of unique object by Victoire de Castellane is presented at Gagosian Gallery Davies Street, London & Gagosian Madison avenue, New York.


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