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  1. He was the son of Henri Louis de Rohan and his distant cousin Victoire de Rohan.
  2. He was the brother-in-law of Philippe 蒰alit?and nephew of Victoire de Rohan.
  3. A first cousin was the Charles Alain, Prince of Gu閙閚? son of her aunt Victoire de Rohan, " princesse de Gu閙閚?".
  4. Charles Jules'son Charles Louis married Marie Louise de Rohan, daughter of Henri Louis, Prince of Gu閙閚?( of the mainline ) and Victoire de Rohan ( of the middle line ).
  5. "' Victoire de Rohan "', " Princess of Gu閙閚?" ( Victoire Armande Jos鑠he; 28 December 1743  20 September 1807 ) was a French aristocrat who was the governess of the children of Louis XVI of France.


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